Over many centuries back since the evolution of piecing industry, hand piecing is the dominant and the most common traditional and the primary method of quilting. Due to economic constraints, people choose to design their quilting blocks through traditional hand quilting techniques since they cannot afford the modern machines that are nowadays used to quilt some modern appliques. Traditional method of piecing is easy as compared to that of the machine that requires one to have knowledge or know how of using the machine for quilting. For hand quilting, one can only watch hand piecing tutorials and be able to work out and come up with a complete applique.

There are necessary and important consideration one has to consider before starting hand piecing techniques. A person has to make sure every requirement is set in an appropriate place and it is suitable for the quilt block design he is intending to make. After making all those arrangements, one has to confirm on the quality of the fabrics and make sure that they are really authentic. The type o the quilting material also comes into play as it is main agent that will determine the manner in which the final product will look or appear. If a person wants a high value final product, then the best option to go is to get a high quality fabric as it is a suitable material that is versatile to use over and very simple to make any design one wants it to appear. High quality cotton material also has the ease of binding together during sewing. The most advantageous property of cotton material is the ductility as one is able to stretch them from one end to the other so as to fit on the edges of the bud. 

Once a person has done the desired choice, he can begin to quilt by placing the block parts in favourite locus where they should be till the end of the process. By selecting the possible part to start quilting, one should make sure other sides of the bud are kept in constant state such that they don’t bring or cause an irregular shape. Stitching continues step by step as one selects or chooses the favourable parts and shapes to design. To come up with a good hand applique patterns, one has to create some imaginary shapes be it circles, rectangles or triangles and start sewing following those shapes. Use of pins will work better in the process while creating patterns as they will function to hold the fabric on one position and that one cannot lose track of the patterns’ borders.

After getting through with the upper side of the applique material, stitching continues in the lower or the other side of the fabric. One should ensure the previous patterns created on the upper side are consistently maintained as to bring the essence of uniformity and conformity and gapless seams. After one is through with one quilt block, he should do the same procedure to make other more blocks that will be enough for the type of a pattern he would wish for. After coming up with many quilt blocks the individual will join or match the blocks together and hence achieving a hand pieced quilt.

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